A 23-Year-Old Dark-colored Woman Put to sleep Online Dating Iphone app


A twenty three year old Black girl killed by her internet dating partner is the latest case of a tragic Internet dating gone awful. Lauren Smith Fields, twenty-three, was uncovered dead on the floor of her apartment after an online date on Bumble. While the root cause of death has not been produced, the family is demanding answers. They have been getting in touch with how to get indian women for the purpose of answers coming from police, who’ve been negligent in the investigation. The family is at this time holding a rally to demand answers.

The family of the victim, who have died from her injuries, has submitted a court action against the online dating app. An email left to the victim’s door after the risky date suggests that the killer have been stalking the woman for years. Police have got concluded that the web dating application could have been at fault, but the family is suing. It is actually unclear what led to the brutal encounter, but the family group has vowed to press for justice for the family.

The suspect, 37-year-old Matt LaFountain, met Smith-Fields through well-known dating iphone app Bumble. Matthew LaFountain advised police that Smith-Fields had become ill your day before your woman was killed. He continuing drinking and later found her dead. However has been not any arrest in the case, police attempt to figure out what led to the death. Although the man who named 911 is not charged with a crime and has not been called.


After an online dating date with Lauren Smith-Fields, her body was available at her flat. The Medical Examiner located fentanyl, liquor, and prescription drugs in her system. Though the cause of fatality was ruled an accident, her family is convinced foul enjoy was involved. The family is considering a lawsuit against city officials. It is important to keep in mind that Lauren was simply 23 years aged. If the girl had been with their life today, she would have been celebrating her 24th birthday.